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Please note: we CANNOT Quote any prices over the phone. For a more accurate price on services, please book in for a complimentary hair consultation. All our Prices are “from” these are our starting price & may incur additional charges for extra product or time Prices include gst. For important service information: please click here

Definitions, conditions & explainations:

What is Smartbond? SMARTBOND is a unique system that protects and strengthens bonds during technical services (such as lightening and hair colour), specifically designed for our hairdressers.  With input from our long-term partnerships with hairdressers, L’Oréal’s Research & Innovation Department used its 100 years of scientific expertise and long-standing knowledge in high-performance hair care to create SMARTBOND.  

HAIR TYPE: For use on all hair types during your colour service.    RESULTS: Softer    Stronger    Shinier        Scientifically formulated: Specifically designed for L'Oreal Colour

Discover SMARTBOND now at your L’Oréal Professionnel salon.

L’Oreal Professionnel Pro Fiber is L”Oreal Professionnel’s most advanced hair care range for damaged hair. Do you want a “haircure” that cares for your hair like a manicure cares for your hands? Pro Fiber, our first long lasting recharging haircare programme for damaged hair does just that. It starts in salon and is prolonged at home. Enriched with Aptyl 100’ technology, with over seven years of research and with seven patents pending, this is the latest in our haircare portfolio.

The Pro Fiber programme starts exclusively in salon with our hairdressers consultation, who will analyse the level of thickness and damage and then prescribe the perfect one for you. With 4 ranges designed for different levels of thickness & sensitivity, you can acheive shiny and healthy looking hair whatever your hairs texture and level of damage.

Use the recharge booster every four shampoos as a subsitute to your conditioner or masque and recharge the salon resurfacing effect yourself at home for up to 6 weeks*, revealing long lasting hair beauty.


We use & recommend L’Oreal Professionnel colour & take home products. Only your colourist can tailor make the hair colour that will suit you the best. Discover L'Oréal Professionnel hair colour services and products, available only in your salon. Discover our colour innovation! Our first permanent hair colour without ammonia is enriched with oils and delivers the colour to the heart of the hair. What’s left is beautiful colour that’s bright and looks natural. Plus, INOA leaves hair feeling conditioned with sublime colour radiance until your next colour appointment. Experience our ultimate in luxury colour, with improved comfort during the development time and no odour. So you can sit back and enjoy the salon! Greys? No problem! INOA gives you high coverage, up to 100%, whilst still keeping the colour looking bright and luminous. With a full range of colours, ask your hairdresser which INOA shade, or cocktail of shades, is perfect for you.

 DiaRichesse: Illuminates natural hair colour through its ammonia-free and tone-on-tone colouration process, for an ultra trendy result with a shiny reflective finish and very soft touch.

POC= Price on Consultation

Regrowth = regrowth colour, excludes bleach unless stated

Foil prices will depend on placement of the foils, whether they are a standard placement or back to back foils etc.

(Discount will apply when having any foiling service with a colour service combination. (Example: 1/4 Head of foils and a all over colour).

Colour Corrections: (Because going lighter with previously coloured hair can either be easy or complicated, a full consultation is required, as colour will not lighten colour. Colour corrections going lighter can take from 2hrs up to and maybe over 4hrs. Prices will range from $200 up to $500)

Dry Off with colour = you may walk out of the salon with wet/slightly wet hair. Hair will not be totally dry or styled.

*with all our services if more time or product is needed for your service, an extra charge/s will apply. This maybe due to longer hair, thicker hair, damaged hair etc. All our colour services are not available to anyone under the age of 16. Please note: a dry off means, the hair is NOT fully dried when leaving the salon. Smartbond services exclude the take home conditioner.

For hair combinations extra charge will apply for bleach blonde, toner etc.

Hair Cuts & Blowdrying/Styling

Dry Cut Does not include a shampoo, please arrive with clean hair

Shampoo & Cut & Style = Styling can be either a dry off, scrunch dry for curly hair, blowdry or hair straightening with a straightening iron.

Kids Cuts First hair cut = Never had a cut in any salon

Please arrive with clean hair; unless the hair is being shampooed in salon.

Styling = scrunch drying for curly hair, blowdrying or straightening with a straightening iron.

For more info on all L’Oreal Professionnel products: Or . Smartbond services exclude the take home conditioner.

Cuts: Prices from

Dry Cut

Shampoo, Cut & Style







Clipper Cut




Very First Haircut



All Ages up to end High school Girls

$20 to $27

Add $30 to Service

All Ages up to end High school Boys

$20 to $25

Styling from:

Shampoo & Style

Shampoo, Dry & Iron Curling

Curls or Iron Straight (no shampoo)




Treatments from:

Profiber Add to any Service

Profiber Add to any Service w Take Home Products

Smartbond & Profiber w/o a service w Dry Off

Smartbond with a Service





Colour Service Prices from:

With Smartbond & Dry Off

With Cut, Smartbond & Style

With Smartbond & Style

Regrowth 4-6 weeks




T Section Regrowth




All Over Colour




Bleach Blonde Regrowth w Toner




Bleach Blonde All Over w Toner




Foil Service Prices from:

With Smartbond & Dry Off

With Cut, Smartbond & Style

With Smartbond & Style

Scattered 10




1 / 4 Head (approx 15-20)




1 / 2 Head




3 / 4 Head




Full Head




Toner w foil service add to foils




Toner w/o Colour Service




Colour combinations Prices from:

With Smartbond & Dry Off

With Cut, Smartbond & Style

With Smartbond & Style

Scattered 10 Foils & Regrowth




Scattered 10 Foils & All Over Colour




1 / 4 Head Foils  (approx 15-20) & Regrowth




1 / 4 Head Foils (approx 15-20) & All Over Colour




Creative Colour




Colour Corrections