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Welcome to curly world!

Why is curly hair different? Curly hair grows differently out from the scalp differently thank “straight” hair. Curly hair is also shaped differently. Curly hair is also more dryer than “straight” hair.

This is why we do things differently for curly hair at Shear Image.

When you get a curly hair cut, we cut the hair to your curls. If you aren’t having a colour we will look & inspect your curls, see where they are curlier or looser, chat to you about your curls & then cut your hair first up dry (so please have your hair reasonably clean) this is to see the curls in their natural form. After the initial first cut, we will then shampoo & condition/treatment your curls with Jessicurl products. We will then tweak the cut, scrunch dry it and then re tweak, this is to make sure the curls sit nicely and the shape of the cut sits well. All using Jessicurl products.

Why did we choose Jessicurl?

Jessicurl is paraben, sulfate, silicon & alcohol free (these dry curls out and we don’t want that). They are Vegan & they don’t test their products on animals. (We also stock & recommend Jessicurl for home use).

If you would like more info in Jessicurl:


We also recommend getting your hands on a great read: “the curly girl handbook”. We have a copy in the salon, but this book is the bible for curly hair. It shows you how to properly look after your curls, how to shampoo & condition your curls, style your curls and more. It has a section for guys & for people going threw & after chemo. We got out from eBay.

Hair colouring Curls!

Since curls shouldn’t be dried out even more, we recommend either not colouring or using an ammonia free colour. And this is why we use L’Oreal Professionnel INOA for our permanent colour, L’Oreal Professionnel DiaRichesse for our demi colour. For highlighting; we recommend only having more a soft and subtle balayge or ombre (foils create to much heat which can damage & dry out curly hair) and with these techniques we use L’Oreal Professionnel’s Blonde Studio range that has ammonia free products.

See curly hair is more than just hair, its fragile and needs looking after!